Best CSGO Case Opening Sites


DatDrop is a provably fair CSGO Case Opening Site. You can open cases, play Case Battles against your friends and upgrade your skins. By using Waxpeer you can withdraw real CS:GO skins instant or you can withdraw Litecoin or Ethereum to your crypto wallet. Above all, you can get really good deals on Waxpeer, so you can actually make profit with a smart withdraw. Use our code "csgojokercom" for a deposit bonus!



CSGORoll offers Case Opening now! The site has many great cases ranging from 0.20 coins (0.8$) up to 13000 coins (7000$). The best thing about CSGORoll is, that it is a provably fair Case Opening Site, so they can't rig anything. Another cool thing is they also offer Case Battles which means you can open cases against other players or your friends. Use our code "CSGOJOKER" to open three free cases!



DaddySkins is a cool Case Opening Site, that offers real CSGO skin withdraw. They have some really good cases, also some official CSGO cases. However, they don't have really expensive cases. Above all, they have some great game modes including Arenas and Upgrade. Arenas are basically Case Battles that you can play against 1 to 3 other players. Use our promo code "csgojokercom" to get a +5% bonus on your first deposit!



Hellcase was one of the first CSGO Case Opening Sites. To this day, Hellcase is the most used websites to open CSGO cases. They have hundreds of different cases that you can open. Besides Case Opening they also have Case Battles, Upgrade, Trade-Up and more great game modes. They are provably fair and show the odds to win a specific skin. By using our code "csgojokercom" you get 0.70$ for free to open a case!



CSGOLive was one of the first Case Opening Sites for CSGO. The site doesn't have as many users as in the early days. However, it is still online and you can still withdraw real CSGO skins instant. CSGOLive is owned by the same company as WTFSkins. The site is the only one that offers a Case Creator, where you can put your favourite skins in a case and open it! By using our code "csgojokercom" you can start playing for free!



Farmskins is one of the oldest CSGO Case Opening Sites, they are online since 2016. However, there is one big problem with the site: Farmskins is not provably fair. This means they don't show the odds and they could rig the cases. Besides that, Farmskins is a decent Case Site. They have many different cases and game modes like Upgrade and Case Battle. Use our code "csgojokercom" to get some free balance to start playing!


About CSGO Case Opening

CSGO Case Opening is when you open cases containing skins in CSGO. You can open cases in the game and on third party websites. At the moment there are 36 official cases in CSGO. The most popular ones are the Chroma Case, Gamma Case, Prisma Case and the operation cases. Most of the time you will get a blue skin that is worth a few cents. On the other hand you can get a high value knife sometimes, which is rare but can happen. In general, you are going to get a blue skins but once in a while you will get a good skin.

How do you open a Case in CSGO?

To open a case in CSGO you need to own a key. You can buy a key in CSGO or on the steam community market. Then you press "UNLOCK CONTAINER" to open the case.

Usually buying the keys on the steam community market is way more expensive than buying them in-game. Keys are not as cheap as cases, they cost around 2,25€ which equals 2.50$. When you have a key, you can open one case with it. After opening the case, your key and your case are gone and you get a skin in return. However, you have to be careful, keys only open one type of case. For example, an Operation Breakout Key can only open an Operation Breakout Case. To open a Chroma Case you need a Chroma Key and so on.

Are CSGO cases worth opening?

No, CSGO cases are not worth opening them. You are going to lose money by opening CSGO cases.

You are going to get awful skins most of the time. Most skins will have less value than the amount you spend on the key. However, if you somehow are lucky and get a knife, you can make profit by opening a case. Some rare knives that can be found in all Chroma cases are worth more than 10.000$. The Doppler knives have three special patterns (diamonds) called Sapphire, Ruby and Black Pearl. Especially cool knives like the Butterfly knife and the Karambit can be worth more than 10000$ if you get a Sapphire or Ruby. However, getting a knife like this is highly unlikely.

Can you open CSGO cases for free?

Yes, on some Case Opening Sites that is possible.

There are some Case Opening simulators that you can use for free. However, you can't withdraw these skins to your steam inventory. By using our code on Hellcase, CSGORoll or other CSGO Case Opening Sites you can open one case for free. To open more cases, you would have to deposit real money or CSGO skins. In-game cases are never free. The CSGO case costs a few cents and the key costs 2.50$.

What is the best CSGO Case Opening Site?

The best CSGO Case Opening Site is DatDrop.

This is based on the opinion of all CSGOJoker users. You can vote for your favorite site on our CSGO Case Opening Sites page. Any site can get to number 1 if it gets enough upvotes. However, there are some sites that are superior. Our personal favourite sites are CSGORoll and DatDrop because they have fair odds and cool cases. Another cool feature that a Case Opening Site should have is Case Battle. Case Battles work like this: you open cases against another player, whoever gets more value out of it gets all the winnings. Overall, this is probably the communitys favorite game mode that case sites offer.

DatDrop Case Opening

Provably Fair

Every good Case Opening Site should be provably fair. Sites like CSGORoll, DatDrop, CSGOLive and Daddyskins are provably fair since they started. Other sites like Hellcase have implemented a provably fair system after being pressured by the community. A provably fair system is supposed to prove that the site can't rig their cases. This means that the skin that you get is random and not selected by the site.

House Edge

However, this doesn't mean that your odds are good. CSGO Case Opening Sites take a high commission also known as the house edge. The house edge of CSGO Case Opening Sites is way higher than the house edge of good CSGO Gambling Sites. For most Case Sites, the house edge is around 30%. This means that you get around 70$ for every 100$ that you spend. Some other sites like CSGORoll and DatDrop have lower house edges, which means the players get a better return on their money. In conclusion, you are going to lose money when playing on Case Sites. That's why you should only do it for fun, don't try to earn money by opening cases. If you want to get cool skins, just buy them on a marketplace, don't open cases. In most cases you will only get bad skins.

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